We've found using Access to view current locations and mark the inventory status & date in the "Remarks" field to be very useful. This requires the creation of 2-3 queries that work together.


It allows you to see everything in table fashion by location and have TMS open at the same time to move things found or in the wrong place. The access query is then updated, and the "found" status of the object can be recorded at the same time. Plus, it records the history of the inventory in place that stays with the location history of the object and is searchable from within TMS – a way of monitoring the progress of the inventory.


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We're in the midst of a collection inventory and are entering the Inventory stamp one record at a time. It would be great if it were possible to enter the inventory stamp in the way that the Random Check feature works for a group of records.




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Subject: Large Collections Inventories

TMS ListServ Members:

How do you handle the posting of inventory location verifications for a large number of objects?  It is my understanding that current TMS inventory functionality deals with these verifications one object at a time.  Is there an approach anyone has used successfully when the inventory involves thousands of objects?



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