Hi there,

I am happy to report, that our DMU (SQL Server 2005) took in total 4 hours 
and 30 minutes, without any errors.
But on the other hand, this new link between Home Constituents and 
Locations has had a negative effect on the speed of searching in Locations - 
we sometimes have to wait almost a minute before we can move from Site to 
Room. I try to explain it with the large amount of our Locations - more than 
17.000 divided between 4 Home Locations (anybody else having this 
number?), but I am not sure if this is the only reason.
I hope 2010 R2 will address this issue!

Heikki Pauts

Mr. Heikki Pauts
National Museum of Antiquities
Leiden, The Netherlands

On Tue, 10 Aug 2010 09:12:15 -0400, Kate Blanch 
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>Hi all, we too experienced time-out issues/DMU crashing/running beyond
>24 hours and being unresponsive during the "Home Constituent/Locations"
>set of tasks. We are still testing in our test environment so didn't
>really suffer any loss...we just received a new DMU from Brian and
>Dimitry and hopefully it will be resolved. Our record set is not huge,
>so we were puzzled to have this kind of issue. It's great to receive
>feedback from others! Keep me posted!
>Kate Blanch
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