We currently export tombstone data from tms into Word, then from Word to Quark, to make labels.

At the same time, the curator is writing extended label text that is edited in education, and then added to the Quark document just prior to label production.  The final label text is then copied back into tms and a pdf of the label is added to media.

Lately we have run into problems where the edited label text is too lengthy for the label and needs to be cut.  This has prompted us to ask, if the label copy were written into a field in tms (say text entries), could the curator run a report right then that would show if the copy would be too large for the label?  I have played around with Crystal to try and come up with a solution but without success.   Has anyone faced this problem and come up with a tms fix?



Ella Rothgangel
Collections Information & Imaging Administrator
Saint Louis Art Museum
One Fine Arts Drive, Forest Park
St. Louis, Missouri  63110

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