Good morning,

We have recently started using 3D-scanners to create digital models of our objects, mainly for research and conservation purposes. As a next step we would like to include these models in TMS media-module for quick internal access, but also in order to publish these on our collection website in the future.

However, I have not yet been able to find a suitable file format for such models, which TMS can handle - it looks like the most common 3D-extensions like .ply, .obj, etc. are not supported (at least in our TMS 2020 R2). I have discovered that it is possible to include a 3D-object into a .pdf and use the Adobe viewer, but I hope there is someone out there who knows of other alternatives?

Thank you in advance,
Heikki Pauts
collections registrar
National Museum of Antiquities
Leiden, The Netherlands

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